Increase Your Websites Search Engine Results By Using Web Directories

Web directories are categorised lists of websites. Each site is listed in a category that suits its content. This ensures that each website in a category is of the same topic. The benefit to the listed website is that it has a link from a page about its topic. For search engines such as Google, MSN and Yahoo this is important. The number of links that point to a website (backlinks) goes some way to determining how important the website is. The subject of the page from which the link comes is also important. Because of these reasons web directories are a good way of gaining important backlinks.

Web directories offer free and paid listings. Most free listings take a while to be accepted, typically several weeks, and the listing will appear someway down the list. Paid listings are accepted more quickly, often within days, and normally ensures the listing appears at the top of the category. Paid web directories generally offer links that are valid for 1 year, or for a lifetime. Review this carefully before paying for links.

Before submitting to web directories you should carefully consider the following details about your submissions:

– Link Title: This is used as the anchor text, and you should include your competitive keywords. Many free submission web directories only allow the website title or domain name to be used as the link title text.
– Description: Write a description that accurately describes your website, focusing on the primary features and benefits of the website. Aim for around 200 words. Don?t include the website URL, as most web directories do not allow this. Do include you primary and secondary keywords.
– Category: Ensure you choose the most appropriate category for your website. Your link will have more value if the other listings on the page are on the same topic. Try and find categories with fewer listings, so your listing stands out.

If you are planning on submitting to more than 20 web directories, vary the link title text and the description after every 20 submissions. Search engines like to see a variation on the anchor text, and the words that surround it.

There are many lists of web directories on the internet at present. It is a hot topic. You should be able to easily find many lists, especially of free directories. Submit to as many web directories as you can. Do not worry too much about the PageRank of the directory, as all links are considered. However, the higher the PageRank the better, especially when paying for submission.

Most web directories are general directories, meaning they accept submissions for a range of topics. Whilst these web directories offer good benefit, niche directories offer the greatest link value. Try and find web directories that target the topic of your website. Popular topics, such as travel and business, have many niche directories. If you have the budget, consider paying for listings in these niche directories.