How To Choose The Best Keywords With Google Adwords

Choosing the exact keywords is affected not only by our goals but also by their performance and how is hard to rank for them. A good tool is Google Adwords that is simple to use and subscription is free: it has been created to put online advertising campaigns but can be used for SEO goals too. Adwords is available as starter and as standard: we must use the standard that has the tools we need, if we have the starter then we can upgrade it simply by clicking on the my ad campaign tab and at the bottom of the page we will see the link graduate to standard edition; then we follow it and we are done, please keep in mind that this process is irreversible.

We can begin to use our Adwords and so we will go to click on the campaign management tab, then on tools and then on keyword tool or on traffic estimator: we have to fill the forms and we will be given the needed datas. If we want to start an online advertising campaign then we will just use the traffic estimator tool keeping in mind that more used is a keyword and higher will be its cost per click. Instead for SEO we use the keyword tool by giving one or more keywords and getting all the estimated traffics: higher the traffic and harder will be to be in the top ten for them, then if we are just beginners then we will choose low traffic keywords checking their difficulty keyword, that tells us how difficult is to be in the first places for a certain keyword or keyphrase with a number that ranges from 0 to 100, with free tools like the one offered by . Obviously greater the number and more difficult will be to get a good ranking so at the beginning we will strive to keep our keyword difficulty below 15.

If we can’t have a good ranking for high traffic keywords then we can choose more low traffic ones, the basic idea is to choose a keyword or a keyphrase, that gives a good traffic, for our homepage and then we will write the other pages of our website for less competitive keywords. What we write in these pages we can send to the many article directories, that we find searching Google by article directory, including a link to our website for more informations. PubblicitAdvertising is an article directory in which you can send your articles getting backlinks and traffic, also features a forum about SEO and marketing.