High Pr Contextual Link Building: Outbound Links

If you are a website owner, it is safe to say that you have been searching for ways to grow your business. You may have been thinking of hiring a SEO company to help you market your service, but are not too familiar with the methods that are good or bad.

By now, I know you have heard of contextual link building and the importance of having good links coupled with unique content. Well, there is something that you should now about outbound links. Outbound links will decrease the total value of your site and your sites page rank.

This is why it is so important to know your page rank and find the page with the lowest page rank and link from that page. This way, if by chance you are losing your page rank, it will be to from a link from a page that was already performing below your standards.

This method will allows your pages to continue to maintain their page rank, while your a lower ranking pages lose their rank. So it is safe to say that a high page rank is in direct correlation to the effectiveness of your contextual link building. Knowing the draw backs to outbound link building will help you avoid page rank issues and lost of recognition by Google.

However, there are ways to use outbound link that will not result in a leakage of page rank. By using links that contain JavaScript, Google will not recognize your links. This may be consider black hat seo to some search engines, so be careful how your use this method.

The most effective method of counteracting the leakage of your page rank through outbound links is to make sure that all your links are reciprocal. Reciprocal links help increase or decrease your page ranking, depending on a few factors: such as external links and the amount of good links you have on a page. It is true that most websites need to have external links, but knowing how they work and how to use them properly is the difference between high page ranks and lows.